Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Run in with Tuufless?!

Well, it took me all of Sunday to do it, but i growned my way through the dunes. I must say that i had a blast there. The shear number of new people was refreshing. Suuuure, some people hate the dunes because they simply have no patience for the newer players. And i must say that this was starting to wear on me as well. But seeing as it seemed that 90% of the people there nowadays have no subjobs i was fine with it. Plus, it got me back in touch with the unique mixture of confusion and wonder that originaly hooked me to this game. I must say that for me, the dunes was, and usualy is, a great way to relieve myself of the elitest nature inherent within an end game linkshell.

That being said i am glad im out of there, and have a chance to move upward and onward to new things. But, first things first. I needed to change out of my newb disguise, and get into some decent gear! As always i chose the bone set. Damn, i love that set. Asteticaly, i think it combines just the right mix of savage and civilised that i find very very appealing. And the stats on it realy are decent! With the HQ version you get like +5 evasion along with decent defence. I don't think the +5 evasion had much of an effect seeing that i already have my evasion capped out. Maybey some DD equipment wouldve been a better choice. But really like i said before its one of the prettiest sets i have come across. So i wore it anyway. Besides, at level 20 who realy cares anyway lol. After all, this is just after the dunes. And the newness still hasn't wore off many players. So they wont know any better anyway. Not to mention most players dont use food anyway, yet. But i do, so that will help me keep pace with others in the damage department.

After grabing, my gear. And refreshing my Signet, Shehei, Meat Mythkabob supply i decided to head out to the Qu'fim Islands. Again, this is actualy one of my favorite areas. I actualy like its wasteland like appearance. Perhaps it has to do with the gear im in. Everything seems funner when you enjoy your gear settup lol.

As usual it was not long before i got my first invite for the evening. Tank jobs are like that XD. Of course i accepted, and checked out the party. We had a WHM, BRD, NIN, DRG, WAR, MNK. I was actualy a bit shocked because one of the members invited to the party was Arcia on her bard! Sure she is not in FuriousX anymore, but hey that doesnt bothe me much. Ill go with any familiar face.

No BLM, and that fealt a little refreshing. Hell, while im a Ninja i might as well get a chance to enjoy a NIN type of a party. I must say, this setup actualy tore up Qufim. Im talking about chain 4 for 300 exp! We did much better than i ever expected. And i rose from level 20 to level 21.

It didnt take long to find our 6th member to replace him. We found Vigilance, yet another FuriousX member. Vigilance is a BLM that due to freak coincidence i spent the entire latter half of the dunes with. And now he was in Qufim, and by coincidence here he was, in my party again! lol. I like Vigilance, but being a new blm he is a little too fast on the trigger with his -aga's. And got the privilage of tanking for some of the fight because of it lol. Our Exp per hour suffered slightly because of it, but he quickly got a feal for the hate line that i could produce and it was all good after that. But thats ok.

Not long after we got him in party a voke happy member died... And of course, the first person they blamed for it was me. Now i wasnt going to let that happen!

I may be a new Ninja, but i stack my provokes. I count my shadows. I realise that i can get off 6 shadows at the start of every fight. And, I watch my utsinemi timer. That incombination with my experience on Paladin i can get of ustunemi just about every time without being interupted. (It realy isnt that hard as long as you cast just before the enemy attacks, and have it timed so that he hits you when the spell is at about 25-30% or less. Its just like Cure 4.) And i also make time for TP reports, and Skillchaining. I am a good Ninja. And as such i made it clear that i am a good ninja, by pretty much repeating what i just said verbatum to the party. Except, i added one quip against our now raised comrade. something along the lines of, its not the inepmtness of the tank. Its that member constantly provoking that got him killed. And members agreed.

Not long after that he left the party. And for a second i felt realy bad. That is until i was informed that i wasnt the only one who felt that way about that player. You know i am fine with people playing anyway they want to. Hell, how else are we suposed to play our game and enjoy it. But if they messup and it starts to smear my good name as a tank i MUST say something about it.

So we were on the hunt for our 6th member again. And this time we got Tuufless into the party! hehe, sorry Tuufless i beat you to blogging it, but at least you have photos! Its amazing how much a good puller effects a party. To be honest, i cant realy tell if the exp per hour went back up due to Vigilance getting a feal for the amount of hate i could dish out, of if the pulling was just better. But i degress. It was fun having Tuufless in party. and we were back up to chain 4's. Sadly the pull distance was too long, therefore chain 5 wasnt possible. But you cant lay the blame on that on the puller, by any means. Hiking all the way out and making it back in time, with that large of a distance inbetween the two, makes chain 5 nigh impossible. Though the MP and HP of the party was almost 100% at the end of every fight, so i am sure we could make the chain 5 if the pull distance was smaller. It wasnt long before i hit level 22 with tuufless on board.

And by the time, the party was over i was close to level 23! And Tuufless offered to head to Carpentors landing with me for EXP. I must say i was tempted. But it was getting close to bed time, it was a hike (there and back) and i was close to 23. with so little time left i really didnt want to go on a hike only to experiment on a new camp. So i stayed in Qufim. After all i knew i would get a party sooner than later. And not more than 5 seconds after mentioning that to Tuufless, sure enough i got another party invite!

This time it was with Bolmster, a Beastmaster and another FuriousX member lol. This new party was comprised of a WHM, PLD, NIN, NIN, BST, and a RDM (i think). But the fact of the matter is that we had no DD lol. All tanks! Now i must say that even though this settup was... unique. It still worked just fine. I am sad that the nins tanked over the Paladin though. But with no DD in the party... it had to be done. The fights just took that long to finish, that double nin tanking was the only way :/ And we did hit chain 3. We were just starting to fall into a rythem when the party broke up. Well at least i reached level 23 before it did!

That makes me very happy XD.

And that is what i have been upto, not very exciting, i know. But hey when is leveling a subjob very exciting to begin with? Heck, at least im realy realy working on getting it to 37 as fast as possible. Then ill be on to bigger and better things for a good long while.

On a side note, i have doubled the list of links i had to other FFXI blogs to the right! So when your board at work go ahead, check em out XD. I also routed the URL's through a proxy server. So anybody can check em out, hopefully by making an end run around and blocks your company has up. ENJOY!

Cyal around! and thanks for reading XD


At 2:16 AM, Blogger SeraphPDH said...

Gotta love the Tuuf, I heard he was leveling RNG.

I'm currently taking my RDM/BLU (I really dont want to touch WHM and BLM ever...) through the pre dunes sandy areas. It's kinda fun, and a nice change from endgame. ^^

At 11:06 AM, Blogger Willriker said...

i hear ya lol, truth be told i am kind of enjoying leveling a low job lol

At 10:38 AM, Blogger Tuufless said...

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At 10:42 AM, Blogger Tuufless said...


There. ^^


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